Getting started

Getting started


Welcome to gathe360! gathe360 helps you quickly and efficiently manage your data supply chain, providing you with quality assured data to power your business.

Detail your data requirements

As a business team, clearly define the data you need and then share these details quickly and efficiently with the business data owners ( suppliers ) so they can provide the data you need in the format you require.

Identify and manage your data suppliers.

Identify and create a list of your data suppliers and collaborate with them to provide the needed data. 

Request data

Request data from your supplier network on a once-off or scheduled basis. Track and manage each supplier to ensure your data arrives on time with all essential data issues resolved

Manage data issues

Identify and manage data issues at the source. Quickly and easily share these insights with your suppliers ensuring they are resolved quickly in an easy-to-use business-friendly platform. 
Monitoring your data supply for any risks and quickly highlighting these issues to your business team for further analysis.

Automate data delivery

Enable your suppliers to automate their delivery to you via email, SFTP, API and only have to complete any additional activities if there are errors in the data provided.
Where your suppliers have open systems, Pull data from their system with their approval using our connector ecosystem.

Audit proof data

Track and manage all activities completed on the data from the supplier through to your data layer and ensure all this information is readily available to be consumed by audit, your analytics team or third parties. Providing you with a long-lasting data asset whose quality is assured.

A marketplace of data services

Access a marketplace of data services which include
  1. Connectors - Access an ecosystem of out-of-the-box connectors that allow your data suppliers to quickly and efficiently approve you pulling the required data.
  2. Data - Access a marketplace of third-party data vendors who will provide you with quality-assured data to power your business. Simple click subscribe, and it will be delivered directly to your data layer with an updated schedule in place to keep it maintained and accurate for you.
  3. Integration - Explore the range of tools that integrate with the quality-assured data processed by gather360, providing you with quick and easy access to the tools you need to build high-value data services for your business.
  4. Solutions - Explore a range of out-of-the-box data services that are designed to work with gather360 making it quick and easy to onboard high-value data services
  5. Partners - Check out our ecosystem of advisors, Managed service providers and solution-build teams who know how to maximise the agility of gather360 to build and scale data solutions quickly.

Getting started

If you already have an account, setup takes anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours (depending on the complexity of your internal firewalls and integration setups).

The first step is to decide which plan you would like to have. 
  1. gather360 Processing + storage + cloudDB
  2. gather360 processing + cloudDb
  3. gather 360 processing
After that, you'll be taken to the Dashboard, where you can add new datasets, add suppliers, and request data to be added to your data layer.

Welcome to gather360, and please reach out to support or your customer success manager at any stage for assistance.

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