Rules coverage metric

Rules coverage metric

Rules coverage metric

Learn more about the 'Rules coverage' metric in your workspace KPI dashboard.

The Rules coverage KPI is a calculated score that indicates the overall status of data quality control implemented across your workspace.

This KPI calculates the total number of fields in a dataset with the total number of rules in the same dataset and applies a status of 'High', 'Medium' or 'Low' coverage based on the number of rules you have in place.

This calculation is performed for every dataset in your workspace and compiled into a top-level average rules coverage score in your dashboard, so you can get a top-level view of the status of your quality assurance.

Rules coverage drilldown

To get a better understanding of which datasets are contributing to your overall rules coverage score, click 'View Details' under this metric in the KPI dashboard to view the datasets with the highest and the lowest rules coverage.

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